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"With no line to toe and no interest in politics as a career, Aaron refers to himself as the anti-politician and is running for the Worcester/Middlesex State Senate seat as a write-in candidate." 























Hello, my name is Aaron Arsenault and I'm running as a write-in candidate for the Worcester/Middlesex State Senate seat in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I've lived all over the state; in Boston while attending Berklee, Turners Falls, Townsend, Pepperell, Shirley, and Fitchburg, but I was born and currently reside in Leominster. My platform consists of listening to the concerns of people, with a focus on small independently owned business owners. I'm independent of party affiliation though I am passionate about enabling municipalities to perform electricity distribution, expansion of the green communities act, and our epidemic of drug abuse and domestic violence as it relates to child abuse and leading children into the DCF. I support expanding resources for counseling: individual, group, family therapy, cognitive & medication therapy. These resources need to be more widely and easily available in our communities. Please contact me online on social media, come see me at a fundraiser or call my cell at 978.577.9023. I'd like to listen to your concerns about our district.

I believe the shrinking voting population is mostly due to people becoming dispassionate with the system, especially so here in the commonwealth. I wonder if people really consider the power we are handing over to the fraction of the populous that exercise their vote. To me, it's like 75% of us are taking this one simple thing that enables us to control the nature of the role government and regulation has in our lives and just handing it over, like "we don't want this, thank you", creating what becomes an unwitting elite voting population. Imagine how rapidly and with what contrast our environment would change if the number were reversed and 75% of the population voted. The local Latino community is especially underrepresented at local polls. In Leominster and Fitchburg the Latino population is nearly double the national percentage yet we see no Latino individuals in elected positions locally. Not a legislator or city councilperson in either city. 93% of blacks voted in the last two presidential elections and look at the contrast that has created.

Independent Aaron Arsenault is passionate about:

1) Expanding the green communities act. Currently we have 3megawatts per territory and multiple pieces of legislation proposing expansion for municipalities first and residents and businesses second.We're in a crucial time when pressure needs to be applied to expand this act and allow more clean energy at a lower cost to all ratepayers.

2) The drug and domestic violence epidemic in our commonwealth leaves battered women without empathetic support and leads children into the hands of the DCF.

The Last Word...

In 2009, while working for a news company, I became heavily involved in the Get-Rid-of-Unitil campaign which I found most fulfilling. I was also presiding over the Townsend Business Association. Setting up the Christmas lights on Townsend Common by myself that year was the highlight of the term. I got bit by the cold and the bug of community service.

This commitment to my community and it's small, independently owned businesses has continued. Yes, I've made mistakes. In fact, I rise far above the average persons rate of mistake making, but, I have passion. Maybe it's the Italian and Irish mix. I don't know.

I do know I need to help change some things relating to electricity distribution in Massachusetts and I'd like to help communities confront the behavior that leads to domestic violence and child abuse. I'd also like to legislate for the death penalty for animal abuse. That last one's not true, but, hey, change does happen all the time.

Write-In Aaron Arsenault, 14 Prospect St., Leominster. I'm independent and have no ambition to make a career of politics. I want to get some legislation passed and get out.


Thank you,

Aaron Arsenault, 14 Prospect St., Leominster MA